Zamia Enterprise is a wholesale supplier and service provider in construction, fencing, shading, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, safety equipment, chemicals, appliance repairs, IT, event coordination, printing and landscaping from suppliers companies that are regarded as industry leaders, and manufacture to stringent national and international technical, quality and safety standards







Appliance Repairs









Roof Repairs & Maintenance

We are experts in waterproofing of all roof types, roof repairs, ceiling repairs, seamless guttering, insulation, roof painting, painting of homes, skylights installations and roof maintenance.
Broken tiles, chimney leaks, leaking gutters, perished waterproofing membrane, cracked tiles, rusted screws and bolts and sun damaged waterproofing can leave your roof vulnerable to water damage, leaks and open to nesting insects such as borer bees and termites who love damp wood. We pride ourselves in the superior roofing service that we have been offering our clients over the past decades. Our services include waterproofing, roof repairs and maintenance, painting, flat roofs, tiled roofs, IBR and corrugated steel Roofs, concrete roofs, slate roofs and leak repairs. Universal Roofing will also repair your ceilings, gutters, fascia boards and barge boards.

Residential and Commercial Specialist Roof Reports

Are you buying or selling a Property? We provide expert roof advice and roof reports that are accepted by insurers and banks. Don’t be left out in the Dark – get a roof report today. Roof Repairs are often an unforeseen expense – especially when buying property in winter only to find that the roof is leaking during the rain season?

Roof Sheeting

Corrugated steel roof sheeting is a strong and affordable solution to residential, industrial and commercial roofing requirements, and offers the benefits of being simultaneously more durable and more recyclable than any other roof sheeting on the market. The industry favours three common profiles: corrugated iron, IBR and Widespan.